The truth about Circa 2014

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I looked for answers in places that couldn’t even understand the question. I wasn’t okay. And I guess I was brave enough to admit. I have suffered for what it seems to be like an awful lot of time. I’ve been breaking myself so I can fix people. […]

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When a guy’s girlfriend says that he takes her for granted, he will usually first respond by denying it. He’s thinking, “But I love her more than anything. How can she even say that to me? Don’t I do nice things for her to show her how much she means to me? What is her problem?” […]


Letter of apology

I, am the wind. I am the sun. I, am nothing but a free soul wandering the planet hurt. I am not the damsel in distress. I am the distress itself. I never comb my hair for even if I do, nothing makes difference. I am the kind of girl who stuck little flowers on […]

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I’d take a bullet for you

Hello, love. There are days that never make sense, but then there are days where everything just falls into place. And you know one person shouldn’t have that much effect on your life, but then they do. And gods, you are grateful for feeling. And yes, you still have to remind yourself that sometimes it’s okay to […]

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