DIY Lace Choker


Currently, choker are the latest trend and as a girl, I want it too. I went searching for it on some local stores here but unfortunately I can’t find some price wise choker. I also tried online shops but darn it’s hella expensive which is not suitable for a student like me who doesn’t like to spend a huge amount of money just for one choker that’s why I decided to just make my own.

So I’m gonna cut the chase and I’ll get right into the action. It’s not that hard, the only skill that you need here is sewing. 

1. Gather your materials. 

You’ll need scissors, needle, thread, laces, and jewelry lock. I bought my laces and the lock in our local modiste shop here. In fact, It only cost me lower than 20 pesos.

Laces = 2.50 pesos per meter

Lock = 2.50 pesos each


2. Measure. 

Measure your neck circumference, make sure to accurately measure it. Not too loose and not too tight or else you’ll end up dying.

diy43. Sew.

Here come’s the fun part.  Sew each end of the lace from each end of the jewelry lock. After sewing this should be the result.

diy6 5. And you’re done!  Now you can show off and wear them as you want. It’s easy but stylish and they wont even notice that it’s a ‘diy’.

P.S I got really ecstatic about how easy peasy and cheap it was to create one so I made tons of ’em. I made one with a peace pendant on it, a pink tattoo choker, a blue lace, and the pink flower pattern choker.

diy8 diy7

‘Til the next DIY! xoxo, Maggie.