Let’s be friends

*Drum rolls*
Hello awesome human being! To start this rant and bias about myself, I am Magnolia Rose Sagarino but I’d love you if you’ll call me Maggie. Yep, two flowers in one name. Magnolia is from the flower Magnolia wilsonii which means nobility, strength and beauty. I have been blowing birthday candles for about 17 years now. I have the deepest affection for intellectual conversations as well as Bands, fashion, comedy or Romcom movies.

Currently, I am a first year BS Psychology student. To be honest, I made my first blog way back 2011 or 2012, I couldn’t exactly remember now but I was really young, naive and idealess that’s why I didn’t have posts. It was (22twentietuu.wordpress.com) I tried reviving it but I got annoyed of how stupid my url was so I created this new one.  And so now, Adolescence hit me and I am loving this blogging thingy. Expect that I’d posting random stuffs about fashion, trends and bands.