Rugged but Rad

Hello amazing people! Yesterday, I watched the search for Mr. And Ms. RCY 2014. It was one of the prestigious beauty pageants held in our university. I don’t usually watch beauty pageants because I hate crowds but I did to support my dazzling best friend who’s one of the contestants.


I didn’t really know what to wear that night, I went rummaging my closet to look for a comfortable, casual and event wise clothing. After a few minutes, I decided to have a ragged and boyish get-up which I always love.


I wore an overly distressed boyfriend jeans and paired it with my creepers. Who wouldn’t love distressed jeans?


For the top, I wore my favorite white polo shirt. Men’s polo shirt (to be specific) to create an idea that I have a boyfriend and I’m wearing his clothes.


I also wore two of my choker necklaces that I DIY-ed.


*Tadaaaa* Here’s the full look. It’s very comfortable and I love the idea that I can look ragged at the same time super rad.

And P.S my best friend won the pageant. I didn’t have the chance to take some pictures with her. Boohoo!


From the beginning, I already knew that she will win. She’s beautiful, confident, and smart. She has everything that a lady should have. Again, congratulations Nicole Shane E. Rodriguez.

‘Til the next post, xoxo.


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