Bring your own sunshine


I’m not really fond of wearing dresses. I only wear them for some special occasions. Occasions wherein my usual JeansxShirt get-up is illegal.


To be really honest, I have a lot of manly gestures. I even sit like man, that’s why skirts and dresses do not suit me. My friends even say that I don’t know how to behave like a girl. It sucks! But it’s true though. But as a part of my “I’ll take risk-December” I was obliged to wear the dress that my mom actually bought last year(If I can still remember clearly).

10836590_843733892343672_293886614_nI’m wearing my flower-printed sundress. It’s actually very light and soft against my skin, contrary to my belief that dresses are really annoying and itchy.

10833591_843733875677007_1395025182_n 10559145_843733915677003_1930499287_n

Look at how uneven my skin tone is. Dang it! Mr. Sun, will you please exempt me from your hotness?

10850946_843733885677006_238199411_n 10850333_843733922343669_2122980790_n

Seems like I’ve been wearing my choker almost everyday, I just couldn’t just get enough them. I’m wearing my flower choker in here and I didn’t add any bracelets or other jewelry anymore because I think the flower prints are already enough.

10836180_843734055676989_1564883072_nI’m also wearing my braided flats and a chunk of bohemian-kind of anklets to add a little cuteness to my gingerish feet(HA!).


This outfit is really simple and fun to recreate. Suitable for the hot weather especially here in the Philippines, just beware of those scoundrels that would bash you for wearing a tube dress. But always remember, as long as your comfortable, happy and not flashing the things that should not be, then your good and just don’t mind them at all.

Always remember the first rule in fashion and style,  ‘Don’t try too hard. The look should not be forced but relaxed. Place comfort before fashion, instead of the other way around. Comfort is important both at the physical and emotional level. Something might be good-looking but if it is not comfortable, what’s the point?’

-xoxo, Maggie ❤