Fun fact: I hate birthdays

Birthdays always reminds me that I couldn’t stay 16 forever. I have always like being 16, sweet sixteen. HA! 2 months ago, I turned 17. I cringe every time I answer somebody’s ‘How old are you’ question. Why? Because i will then turn 18 .. 19, ..25,..30,..45,..80 or I won’t be able to reach 80. I have this weird fear of growing old, of being vulnerable, not able to remember my family, friends and anyone or anything that is special to me.

In contrast to my fear, I have this fascination about time machines. I’m hoping one day, in one of my silly misadventures, I’d be able to find one.


With the time machine, I would be able to rewind my life and make some necessary changes.Be able to see my grandparents again and most importantly, see my Daddy dance with my mom on their anniversary or be a kid again.

bl16I think kids are less susceptible of being sad. They do not worry much. They don’t worry if their eyebrows are on point and if their stomach’s flat. That’s why I really want to be a kid again. Oh! take me back to happy days.

                                    bl11 bl12

But if I’ll re-do everything, Will I still be the same person who cried because of  the book ‘Looking for Alaska’? Or the Idiot who fell in love with another Idiot?

My professor in Psychology class told me that if I want something, I should visualize it because soon, the universe will conspire and make it happen. So if one of these days I no longer update my blog, it would probably because I am somewhere in my past doing things I should have done or shouldn’t.

What I wore: (push) Black Jumper and (Clota) Mario Shirt

What I wore: (Levo)Creepers and Lace Socks

-xoxo, Maggie ♥