Playing dress-up


If there’s one thing I’m thankful for, It is having my sisters. I have 3 younger sisters but today I’m featuring my 14-year old one.

My Sister and I have tons of things in common, it includes dressing up. Today, she let me style her.

m8  m7

What she wore:

                         White Printed Tank top, Red Flannel, Distressed high waist shorts, black stockings and Blue high-cut converse. 

I got jealous of her though for pulling off my favorite get up, which is the high waisted shorts plus stockings.  And I didn’t even had a hard time dressing her up because all clothes seem to fit her very well.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

Nothing could go wrong with flannel and choker.


I did her hair too, A not-so-messy bun for additional rad look.

m3 m2

And of course, It wouldn’t be called Maggie’s style if there’s no ‘flannel-tying’. I’m so proud seeing her happy and carefree with this get-up.

And of course, the wanna-be stylist wants an exposure too. (Haha!)

“Black for the broken.”

Yes, I wear too much black clothes. For me, Black means being bold and elegant. I think I already said this but I’m gonna say it again, I own a lot of black clothes.

“Black for the broken soul.”

What I wore:

Black body con dress

Black leggings

Levo creepers

Skull Scarf

Goofin’ around.

                                  m14 m11

Goofin’ around

I had fun today, I had fun styling other people and maybe I’ll continue doing this. til’ next time.

M                                                         -Maggie ♥