The B&W Portfolio

All I can see is cruelty

Here’s one big fact about me, long time ago, I wanted to be a model. Ha! cliche, right? How many 7 y.o girls in their tutu have already said that? Thing is, I just don’t wanna be a model. I want to be one of the Victoria’s Secret angels. But due to some genetic errors, I gave up that dream.

You might be asking why VS? Simple because they are confident. They are willing to show some skin like it’s a piece of clothing. They have beautiful body figure that, well, I envy. I know beauty comes in different sizes, but a little abs wont hurt.

Even though it’s one dream less on my shoulder, it didn’t stop me to pose for the camera. Here’s the “B&W Portfolio: Where all the broken dreams go”

Wearing my heart on my sleeve.
Stuck in my nightmares
Black or nothing at all
Please put away all your crayons