I finally crashed one thing on my bucketlist and that’s getting my first tattoo. I know that I did blog about how I love getting one and my mom promised me that I’ll have my first on my 18 birthday but seems like the fate is on me because i got it yesterday. Hurray for that!


Embrace the Pain and let it make you strong

My friend, Ram did costumize the design and I really love it. Don’t you just love geometric arrow?
But my tattoo has a meaning.

My Daddy past away last february 1, 2014 and yes today’s his first death anniversary.
I decided to put “Malta” on the lower part because my Dad was from Malta (Southern Europe) and an arrow pointing to heaven where he is now.

All claps to my artist who was awesome and jolly and to my friends, Bea, Ram and Paoi who was there to witness this little milestone of my life.

Thanks xoxo, Maggie.