We could be but we can’t

Have you ever met someone as crazy as you?
That the moment you talk to them, you realized something so beautifully carved exist.
Every word they spoke is a kind of poetry that caress your soul.
The longer you’re with them, the more you’ll wonder how can laugh be your favorite tune.

But I tell you, never fall in love with them.
They are dangerous and it could kill you
They will take you to places you never been to,
Kiss every possible part of you in different places
So you can never return without tasting the remnants.

Never let their wonderful words impress you because the moment they leave,
you wont be able to read your favorites poems ever again
And lastly, never let their movies be your favorite for you’ll end up cursing the actors.
Kid, never fall in love with a beautiful soul because that’s what humans do, create something beautiful and then abandon it.

My 9:54 PM thoughts -Maggie