One word to describe you bii, Gamine. I don’t know, I read this in a book that I’m currently obsessing.”-Nicole


I won’t doubt her because she saw everything I’ve been through for the past years.  It’s hard to admit but yes, I cause trouble too much. I like the risky stuff. I sometimes think that I am the modern moth, I love playing around the fire and most of the time, I burn not just my wings but everything that I am.

We’re all like that, right? Maybe just some? Risking depends on who you are with. How they mean to you and vice versa.


I know someday in the steepy road of life, This moth will stop playing around the fire and would just admire the beauty that a chaotic thing can bring.

What I wore:
Blue Flannel, Pastel Top, leggings, creepers.

Are you willing to risk? And to whom?

xx, Maggie