Open letter

Do not giggle when those boys who posts way too much selfie’s a day tell you, you’re pretty. They are just bunch of unlaid eggs wanting to feel the heat of burning desires and bone rattling moans.  Do not settle for less.

Do not succumb to the word pretty because it could never give justice to what you are to me.  You are all the unwritten love letters on my head. Time may pass but the way your lips curve when you smile, the way you sway your head to the left when you laugh, the way your hand shakes when you’re anxious, those things, I could never unlearn. It’s like my favorite verse on somebody’s monologue; I’ve memorized it by heart.

Stop talking to people who texts you at 8 a.m. and asks you if you’re free today, and leaves you hanging at 8:30 a.m. You are more than all the small talks that even we sum up will never be enough for your worth. You deserve a burning conversation about how Pluto is so far away and if lost is just another location, or how your skin overflows from collecting too much souls. You are more than a ‘hey, what’s up hello”.

Don’t be impressed when someone invites you to any house party rather appreciate when someone invites you over a tea or a coffee. Remember being extravagant is nice but simplicity is way beautiful to ever put into words.

When you close your eyes, you see yourself; a collection of dismantled almost, broken promises, withered roses from dead ex-lovers, unromantic kisses unsaid goodbyes and tarnished friendships. But all those are superficial, because when I see you with eyes sore from crying, I see vintage shops, aged with wonder and intellect and full of forgotten beautiful. Yes, without compliment you are beautiful. You are enough.

//A love letter I wrote for every sad girl I came to know.