One day, It rained.

I was a bit of happy that it rained yesterday. I love rain, it’s calming and overwhelming. I was able to finally wear my denim jacket, it’s actually a hand me down from my mom. And yes, I dyed my hair black again, actually I dyed it almost 2 months ago. For a little wee […]

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“One word to describe you bii, Gamine. I don’t know, I read this in a book that I’m currently obsessing.”-Nicole I won’t doubt her because she saw everything I’ve been through for the past years.  It’s hard to admit but yes, I cause trouble too much. I like the risky stuff. I sometimes think that I am […]

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Maybe In Another Life, I’d be enough

  Eversince, I find stars, galaxies and the concept/Idea/theory of multiverse fascinating. Imagine that universe isn’t just the only verse out there, it could just be one of the billions, trillions or even infinite verses. According to American philosopher and psychologist William James,  the various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.  Parallel […]

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Playing dress-up

If there’s one thing I’m thankful for, It is having my sisters. I have 3 younger sisters but today I’m featuring my 14-year old one. My Sister and I have tons of things in common, it includes dressing up. Today, she let me style her.    What she wore:               […]

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Another night to remember

Yesterday, I went to our annual CASS paskuhan. It’s a christmas program organized by my college, CASS or College of Arts and Social Sciences. Tbh, It was my first time. The program had 3 main contests, the beautification of every department, mass carolling, and of course the much awaited christmas pop dance. I was so […]

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Fun fact: I hate birthdays Birthdays always reminds me that I couldn’t stay 16 forever. I have always like being 16, sweet sixteen. HA! 2 months ago, I turned 17. I cringe every time I answer somebody’s ‘How old are you’ question. Why? Because i will then turn 18 .. 19, ..25,..30,..45,..80 or I won’t […]

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